World’s Highest Quality Corn Stick

With years of experience in the food industry,
PT Inti Sari Internasional has become one of the famous and reputable corn sticks manufacturer in Indonesia.
Our corn sticks are sourced from corns that grew on fertile volcanic soils of Indonesian archipelago tropical fields. Baked slowly to achieve perfect crunchy texture.
We believe in using all natural vegetable oil with no added preservatives, chemicals and artificial colours.

Production Facility

All of Inti Sari Internasional products are produced in the mountainous region of Central Java where the water is pristine clean and the air is cool and fresh.
The production is supervised and monitored by our Quality Control and Quality Assurance, which implement the strictest standard in every phase, from procurement of raw material to the distribution of the finished goods.
Play the video to learn more about our ISO 22000: 2018 and HACCP food safety system certified facility.

Exporting to The World

High performance and innovative management are the main assets that also become the focus of PT Inti Sari Internasional. We always do our best to keep our status as a world-class brand and strive to broaden our local and global network.
For the past decade, PT Inti Sari Internasional have been exporting high-quality corn sticks to various countries and regions in the world such as South East Asia, China, Middle East and Africa.
We have implemented international quality standard management to ensure that we provide best quality products and services to our customers.

Private Labelling (OEM)

Other than our very own in-house brand for outright purchase, we also offers private labelling options (OEM) and alternatives brands for our customers.
Our corn sticks are Halal certified and we can tailor flavors according to our customer’s market wants and needs.
Moreover, we can provide samples for sensory evaluation or marketing survey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.